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No, Climate Change Didn’t Cause the Canadian Wildfires

One of many reasons not to take the climate change alarmists seriously is they keep resorting to cockamamie narratives and spurious arguments to create a sense of impending crisis.

Here’s a typical example from the media, in this case, a USA Today headline:

The story includes a preposterous tweet from Catherine McKenna, Canada’s former climate minister: “Climate change is real and having a huge impact on Canadians right now with forest fires burning across the country.”

Right, except when we checked with the fact-checkers at Climate Change Depot, here’s the reality check:

Canadian National Fire Database data disputes climate link to fires: ‘There has been a significant & continuing decline in the number of fires & no discernible trend in the area burned’

You can see from the chart that yes there have been a high number of fires this year up north. However, last year there were a record LOW number of fires.

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