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No More – Even Progressive Officials Are Revolting Against Mad Homeless Policy

It’s real news when the mayor of San Francisco and California’s progressive governor Gavin Newsom both bitterly criticize an activist federal judge for handcuffing sensible homeless policies.

That’s what happened this week when Mayor London Breed spoke at a protest in front of the city’s federal courthouse blasting a judge’s injunction against her ability to clear homeless encampments.  Breed said the city has to be “able to clear the streets.”

“I get that people suffer from mental illness. I get they suffer from addiction,” Breed said. “But if we have a place for people to move, you should not be forced to just allow people to be on the sidewalk.”

Breed called out U.S. Magistrate Judge Donna Ryu, who imposed the ban, for “micromanaging” the city’s shelter program when she “doesn’t even live here.”

Governor Newsom sent Breed a message of support, blaming the courts for “costly delays that slow progress.”

The two found another ally in Rafael Mandelman, the city supervisor for the Castro district, who told the rally that “allowing the encampments to persist … is terrible for the city. We have hundreds of people a year dying of overdoses.”

Waves of homeless people are hollowing out the downtowns of major cities all over the country. The realization that it’s progressive policies that exacerbate the problem has come late, but it’s a hopeful sign that now some of the most “woke” politicians are trying to stop the insanity.

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