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North Dakota’s Burgum Slam Dunks Media

How’s this for media bias: in recent days evening news shows spent over 162 minutes on the Trump indictment. The Media Research Center has found that was a full 19 times (!) more than the 8 minutes and 32 seconds the networks devoted to the Hunter Biden scandal.

So we were thrilled to see North Dakota Governor Doug Burghum – a GOP presidential candidate – attack the media for its one-sided coverage. George Stephanopoulos used almost all of his Sunday ABC show to trash Trump. When Burgum came on to discuss his GOP presidential race he was harangued by Stephanopoulos with Trump questions – of course. 

Burgum responded that he had just “listened to 15 minutes of legal debate on this and I’m sure you could run it again 7/24. But I’m running against Joe Biden and that’s what we’re going to be talking about.”

Stephanopoulos kept badgering Burgum to attack Trump – but he wouldn’t take the bait. Instead, he accused the TV networks of  obsessing about Trump “so that [you] don’t have to talk about inflation or Afghanistan or the Russian invasion, the fact we’re in a cold war with China.”

It was a tutorial for all Republicans about how to deal with the media-feeding frenzy. You can watch the interview here. Burghum is becoming an overnight superstar.

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