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Northern Virginia Insurrection Update

The child-maskers in northern Virginia have escalated to armed insurrection against Governor Glenn Youngkin’s sensible parental choice masking order. Under that order, the parents, not the school bureaucrats make the decision of whether their own children will wear a mask.

On Thursday the school authorities called in the police to bar the door to bare-faced children – a blatant violation of the new governor’s order.

Our friend Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women’s Network was on the front line and confronted head on the insurrectionists in Fairfax County.

The Daily Wire reports:

Parent Carrie Lukas walked her two children to the front door of Forestville Elementary, their smiling faces visible on school grounds for the first time in two years. She did not make it to the doorway before she was confronted by an assistant principal, who said the children would not be allowed in the school. Security guard Christian Fuller followed as they retreated to their car.

Fuller then called the police, saying they would arrest a reporter for being in the school parking lot. Two undercover police cars and one marked patrol car soon arrived at the scene, where they were met by the “media liaison” and Fuller.

By then, Lukas and her newly delinquent kids were at a neighborhood diner for chocolate pancakes and a lesson on civics.

Some of the schools that are defying the governors’ orders are allowing the kids without masks to enter the school but are segregating them in gyms and cafeterias and denying them inside the class rooms.  We wonder if this is liberalisms attempt to recreate “separate but equal” education.

We noted earlier this week that the best solution to this issue is SCHOOL CHOICE for masks.  This idea is wildly popular with Democrats, according to a poll conducted in the summer.

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