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Not Your Daddy’s Democratic Party

One of the last moderate Democrats, Kurt Schrader of Oregon, lost his primary race to a left-wing activist last month. Here are two fascinating perspectives that tell you all you need to know about today’s Democratic party:

Rep. Kurt Schrader: “I think the Democratic party has moved quite a bit to the left, moving out from underneath me. The socialist wing of the party has taken over.”

“I think the red wave begins in Oregon’s 5th district.”

Jamal Raad, executive director of Evergreen Action, a group that helped defeat Schrader:

“Kurt Schrader has been bought and paid for by special interests — it’s about time Oregon voters sent him packing. His defeat today sends a clear message that members of Congress must deliver on climate change.

Voters are raising the standard of climate leadership expected from their representatives, and obstructionist tactics to block climate action from politicians in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry will not stand.”

Gee, we wonder who is running the Democratic party these days.

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