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Now All Americans Can See the Insanity of the Biden Energy Strategy

We’ve been warning regularly on these pages that the Biden war on American fossil fuels is not just an economic calamity, but a national security threat as well.  We have known for fifty years that terrorist organizations like Hamas are primarily financed with petro-dollars.

Just as Biden has aided and abetted the Russian war machine in Ukraine, he has enriched Middle East oil-producing nations like Iran as well.

Our latest CTUP analysis finds that the reduction in US oil output under Biden from the Trump trend has cost the U.S. roughly $500 million a day. Much of that money has been transferred week after week from American producers to nations hostile to the U.S. and Israel.

Missing Under Biden:

This has helped fund the very missiles being fired on Israel.

Biden’s “green” energy policy is weakening America and strengthening our enemies making the world a much more dangerous place.

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