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Now Biden Wants to Shut Down Half of America’s Power Plants

Ben Franklin is often heralded as the man who discovered the power of electricity. Joe Biden wants to be the president who abolished it.

The Biden Administration will announce soon what The Washington Post calls “a plan to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” These cuts are so stringent that as the Post admits, fossil fuel plants – which supply around 65% of America’s power – would be technologically incapable of complying. To stay open, these plants would have to dramatically raise Americans’ utility bills.

What is doubly sinister is that these rules come just a few weeks after the Biden Admin announced that the American transportation system will no longer be fueled with oil, gas, and diesel, but with electric-battery cars dependent on the very power grid system that they now want to dismantle.

What’s next to be sacrificed at the altar of the climate change gods?  The wheel?

No country has cleaned its air more than the United States over the last many decades. This chart from our friends at the indispensable Institute for Energy Research shows the dramatic reductions in emissions – including of lead, sulphur, carbon monoxide and particulates.

Even carbon dioxide emissions have fallen sharply in the U.S. in recent years, and more than in almost all other industrialized nations – thanks to the shale oil and gas revolution.  (Which the green groups oppose!)

We’ve said it before: the climate change movement is the single greatest threat to the future of American freedom and prosperity.  And nothing else even comes close.

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