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Now California Regulators Will Abolish Trucks

Here’s the headline from the land of fruits and nuts as reported by Cal Matters:

“In a move that will transform California’s economy and end diesel’s decades-long dominance in goods movement, the Air Resources Board today unanimously approved an ambitious, contentious mandate to shift big rigs and other trucks to zero-emissions… The mandate is the first in the world to ban diesel trucks…”

So California is going to require nearly 1.8 million trucks that deliver everything from fuel to food to packages to heavy-duty equipment to go electric. Does this mean that every trucking company in America will have to have a separate fleet of trucks for California roads versus the diesel trucks that will transport products across the rest of the country?

The California Air Resources Board is a notorious unelected regulatory fiefdom filled with leftist environmentalists who know nothing about the real world of transportation or commerce, but are making California an impossible state to do business in. (Don’t be surprised if Biden doesn’t propose this for the whole nation before his term is up.)

These dimwits don’t even realize that the technology doesn’t exist to economically run a two-ton truck loaded with cargo on an electric battery. Imagine the nightmare of driving a long-haul truck coast to coast that needs its battery recharged every few hours.

We need to enlist the Teamsters in this fight.

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