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Now Everyone Agrees With Trump On China

Love Trump or hate him, he got it right before anyone else did about the rising threat of China – economically, militarily, and with respect to human rights. Back in 2016 the late-night comics and the Democrats mocked Trump’s obsession with the dangers posed by China.

A fascinating new polling analysis of public opinion by Pew Research finds a massive meltdown in Americans’ opinions about China. Now more than eight of ten Americans view China and President Xi unfavorably.

This comes at a time when the Chinese Communist Party is preparing to elect President Xi for an unprecedented third term. Since Xi took office in 2013, opinions of China in the U.S. and other nations around the world have turned as Pew puts it “precipitously more negative.”

Republicans are slightly more disapproving of China than Democrats – but this is one of the few issues that transcend party label. Everyone is fearful of China.

And as we have said umpteen times on these pages, nearly every action Biden has taken on the economy and climate change is playing right into the hands of Beijing.

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