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Now They Are Coming For Your Cars

We hate to say we told you so. But even we’re surprised that this is happening so quickly. Here’s the New York Times headline:

Making matters worse, Ford and GM are all in on this Stalinist policy. They say they will soon stop making cars – er cars that are powered by gasoline, not windmills.

As we pointed out previously, Americans are divided on EVs – about 5% of new car sales in recent months are electric. But what is for sure is that voters DON’T want politicians telling them what kind of car they can buy.

This reminds us of the old Henry Ford line about the Model T: you can have it any color you want as long as it’s black.

No word yet from the enviros where they plan to bury the toxic waste from tens of millions of dead batteries – made, of course, in China.

A Tesla in every driveway – whether you want it or not.

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