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Now This Is the Kind of Bold Leadership America Desperately Needs

It’s been just over 10 days since libertarian economist Javier Milei became Argentina’s president, and on Wednesday night he launched his latest “big bang” of reforms. Among the 30 proposals are:

  • Regulations preparing all state-owned companies for privatization
  • Deregulation of satellite Internet services such as Starlink
  • Eliminate price controls on healthcare plans
  • Allow foreign airlines to fly into and out of Argentina without restriction, and even fly domestic routes.
  • End rent controls
  • Repeal the laws limiting ownership of land by foreigners
  • Scrap supply laws that allow the government to set minimum and maximum prices and profit margins.

Some of Milei’s proposals can be done by executive order, others he will have to pressure Congress to enact.

What isn’t in doubt is his resolve to fundamentally alter Argentina’s anti-growth policies, which he likened this week to fascism. “The problem isn’t the chef, it’s the recipe,” he said. “Ideas that have failed in Argentina have failed all over the planet.”

Milei also addressed the protestors who filled the streets after his announcement on TV. “Some people suffer from Stockholm syndrome and are attached to the model that’s making them poor,” he said. He should come here and give this speech in San Francisco or Chicago.

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