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Now TSA Declares Peanut Butter a Dangerous Liquid

When the TSA posted this tweet featuring a confiscated peanut butter container front and center, most observers thought it had to be a mistake:

Nope. TSA confirmed they have decreed that peanut butter is subject to their rule banning liquids over 3.4 ounces ‘because it conforms to the shape of its container’.

In Britain, the nonsense about liquids is about to end. Airports there will cancel their liquid restrictions by June 2024 at the latest, as they install higher-tech screening machines.

These new higher-tech machines are already in use at many airports in the United States. But a TSA spokesman says that “while we have them deployed at more checkpoints, we are years away from announcing a change to the current liquids rule.”

Only in government. We say privatize the TSA.

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