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Of Droughts And Floods

Dueling headlines this week. First, we saw this frightening CNN headline on Sunday:

(CNN) ”After heavy rain and flash floods in parts of the Southwest this weekend, more than 14 million people across the southern Plains were under flood watches and warnings Sunday, including the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and Shreveport, Louisiana.”

Then we wake up on Monday and see this scary headline in the WSJ:

“Severe droughts across the Northern Hemisphere—stretching from the farms of California to waterways in Europe and China—are further snarling supply chains and driving up the prices of food and energy…”

Both of these severe weather events are said to be signs of a warming planet that is caused by greenhouse gas emissions? But we are confused. Does CO2 cause rain or drought? Can greenhouse gases cause both simultaneously? What is the science behind that conclusion?

Apparently, if we shift immediately to windmills, solar panels, and electric vehicles it will cause the rains and flooding to cease in the drenched Midwest and the south, while at the same time inciting downpours in drought-stricken California.

But what if as a consequence of the “great transition” to green energy, Mother Earth – whom Nancy Pelosi says is angry at us – responds in the opposite way that we hope for? What if green energy causes it to rain MORE in the flooded areas while extending droughts in places like California?

Probably best if the politicians just stopped pretending they can change the weather and let us get on with our lives.

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