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Only 8 House Democrats Voted To Keep Gas Cars Legal in All 50 States

Banning internal combustion vehicles has become a nearly perfect party-line issue, so we commend the eight House Democrats who broke with their party and voted with all House Republicans yesterday to keep internal combustion engine vehicles legal to sell in all 50 states.

      • Caraveo, CO
      • Costa, CA
      • Cuellar, TX
      • Davis, NC
      • Golden, ME
      • Higgins, NY
      • Perez, WA
      • Vasquez, NM

The states that have affirmatively banned internal combustion vehicles by 2035 are California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington.

Question: How can you have “interstate commerce” when some states like California want to ban the majority of cars and trucks?

We’re for states’ rights, and we hate the abuse of the federal commerce clause. But, if there were ever a case for federal intervention to protect interstate commerce, this is it.

Alas, we’re not optimistic that Chuck Schumer will let this bill see the light of day in the Senate.

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