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Only One of Four Voters Support Biden’s Position on “Clean” Debt Ceiling

We have been saying all year that if Republicans made the case that an increase in the national debt should be paired with policies to reduce debt spending, the public would agree—and boy have they.

This is from CNN of all places:

Amazingly, even with weeks and weeks of media/Biden/Yellen/Chicken Little warnings of an economic apocalypse if the debt ceiling isn’t raised on time, 15% of Americans are so concerned about the $32 trillion national debt, they say don’t raise the debt ceiling even if it means default. (BTW, this is a loaded poll question because as we’ve explained many times, there is no chance of a default even if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.)

Hmm, we wonder why people don’t believe the doomsday warnings of politicians and academics anymore. Maybe it’s because, for the last fifty years, the left has been conjuring up new phony predictions that the end of the world is nigh.

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