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Our New CTUP Ad Pleads With Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Not to Repeal Empowerment Scholarship Account Program

Katie Hobbs, the new Democratic governor of Arizona, has promised the teachers union that she will repeal Arizona’s model school choice law that serves more than 50,000 kids.

Minorities have been the major beneficiaries of the popular program that gives parents the money to send their kids to charter schools, catholic schools, math schools, special-needs schools, or whatever works best.

We now count at least seven states – and possibly 10 by the end of the year – that have emulated some version of the Arizona school choice law in their states. We’re working closely with a coalition of groups around the country to get that number up to 20 in the next year or two.

It is a public policy imperative that we NOT allow the teachers unions to reverse these educational gains ANYWHERE.

That is why we are running this ad which features the story of a Hispanic family in Arizona that has greatly benefited from the program. It features a young girl who pleads with the governor: “Don’t take away our school.”

The new ad is the first of a series designed to alert Arizonans that Governor Hobbs wants to turn back the clock on school reform and turn her back on children who greatly benefit from this innovative program that puts kids first.

Let us know what you think and whether you want to donate to keep it (and ads like it) on the air.

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