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Our New Mental Health Crisis Isn’t COVID, It’s Climate Change

We’ve often maintained that “climate change” is much more a psychosis than a “science,” and so now have confirming evidence by the American Psychological Association. The APA reports a condition called climate anxiety “is already taking a huge toll on the mental health of people around the globe.”

While the condition is not yet treated as an official clinical diagnosis, mental health experts say “eco-anxiety” can be life-altering in its negative effects. The British medical journal Lancet has a new study by psychotherapist Caroline Hickman reports that a study of 10,000 people between ages 16 and 25 in ten countries found that six out of ten professed to be very or extremely worried about climate change.

So here is our plea. Stop needlessly scaring people about the climate change apocalypse. It is bad for the nation’s health.

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