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Our “You Can’t Make This &@-% Up” Winner For The Week: “Climate Reparations”

We’ve always said that the reason poor countries’ have bought into the radical left climate change agenda is they see this agenda as a shakedown for more money from countries like, oh, the United States. To escape poverty, poor countries in Africa desperately need immediate access to CHEAP energy – i.e. fossil fuels – not expensive energy. Their poorest citizens would be the big losers in the anti-carbon crusade.

But now a new report from the Climate and Community Project — a “coalition of academics and policy experts working to advance climate justice” — urges the United States and European countries to provide immediate relief through a program of “climate reparations” payments and debt relief. They want America and institutions that we bankroll, such as the World Bank and the IMF, to write off these nations’ $800 billion of international debt obligations.

Here’s why. The report says: “the least developed countries with almost half the world’s population have only contributed about 8 percent of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1850.”

Well, duh. One reason they are poor is they don’t have access to reliable fossil fuel energy, as anyone who has been to a poor country knows well. Energy use and economic development are highly correlated. So taking away Africa’s access to energy would make them poorer still.

How much do we “owe” in climate reparations? The authors say one trillion dollars. A YEAR!!

Please, please, don’t tell AOC about this cuckoo idea or she may embrace it.

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