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Parents Are Handing “Woke” Educators Dunce Caps At The Polls

As parents have become increasingly angry over public education – on issues ranging from lockdowns to “woke” indoctrination and falling test scores – school board elections have become a focus of the discontent.

Incumbents are increasingly retiring under pressure or losing re-election. In 2018, 61% of school board seats were filled by incumbents. Last year, that number fell to 51%, and it dropped lower this year.

In Loudoun County, Virginia, where a parental revolt helped catapult Glenn Youngkin into the governor’s mansion, conservatives scored a big victory.

Conservative Tiffany Polifko unseated a liberal incumbent and says she plans to use her new position to aid a grand jury investigation of the district that’s being led by state Attorney General Jason Miyares.

Ryan Gidursky says that his 1776 Project PAC helped Florida Governor Ron DeSantis win six new school board races in the state. That gives the Florida governor a record 25 wins and five losses in races so far this year.

Other grassroots victories include Oklahoma and Arizona, where strong conservatives were elected state superintendents of public instruction. Parental rights groups also won a majority on the Ohio State Board of Education.

Republicans may have seen their “red wave” become a bathtub swell this year, but in nonpartisan school board races, the candidates who opposed lockdowns and supported reform in curriculum scored important victories.

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