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Pelosi Makes House Democrats Walk the Plank

Nancy Pelosi thinks she won.  Using a combination of fear, intimidation, pork barrel and the threat that no Member would be allowed to go home for Thanksgiving, she dragooned all but one (Jared Golden of Maine) of her Democratic members into voting for the Govzilla tax and spending bill.

She may have won the battle, but she has lost ground in the war for House control in the 2022 midterm election. House  Democrats just voted for major provisions in the bill that have no chance of becoming law., but are political poison in the districts of many moderate members.

Pelosi promised her members she would never let the House vote on something that the Senate wouldn’t accept. Well, she just did.  The 15 to 25 Democrats in seats that either voted for Donald Trump or are otherwise competitive were forced to take a tough vote on lax immigration policy, sky-high spending, the SALT giveaway, a 900% increase in OSHA fines, the news media bailout, and job-crushing business tax hikes.

Many of those provisions will be stripped out in the Senate, leaving her members to  defend a vote for ideas the Senate thinks are political suicide.

Nancy Pelosi has once again shown herself to be a Queen, who has concern about using her subjects as cannon fodder for her ambitions.

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