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Price Tag So Far for Climate Change Programs $2+ Trillion – Trillions More Needed by 2030

It’s now official: Climate Change is the greatest global money swindle in history – even outpacing COVID.

A new report from the International Energy Administration finds that since 2020 governments around the world have spent $1.34 trillion for clean energy investment.

This spending on the “Climate Change Industrial Complex” has made many people very, very rich.  (That’s the real “green” component of this movement.) The impact on the environment has been zero. In 2022 global CO2 emissions hit their highest levels ever. This year, given the Canadian forest fires burning millions of acres of wood, carbon emissions are likely to be greater still – knocking out almost any progress from the wind and solar industry.

One effect of these anti-fossil fuel policies has been to raise the prices of energy, so governments have spent another $900 billion providing support to consumers.

The tidal wave of climate spending has just begun.  The IEA reports that an equitable energy transition, and investments in clean energy in emerging and developing economies must reach between $2.2 trillion/yr and $2.8 trillion/yr by the early 2030s to meet rising energy needs and Paris Agreement targets. PER YEAR!!!

This is sheer madness. With these trillions of dollars, nearly every family in the world could be lifted out of poverty. We could end World hunger. We could cure cancer. Remember this the next time you hear the left pontificating about “Climate Justice.”

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