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Protect The Vulnerable

We haven’t been right on everything about Covid over the past two years. Who has?

But the one right-out-of-the-gate strategy that we, and other smart people like Sen. Rand Paul, and former Trump health adviser Dr. Scott Atlas, got right was to protect the most vulnerable. This includes the elderly, the infirm, those who are  overweight, and those with respiratory problems. Others could and should have been able to safely carry on with their lives.

On Monday, of all people, Biden CDC Director Rochelle Wolensky seemed to embrace this idea much to the consternation of the left. She said that “75% of those who had died from Omicron had 4 or more co-morbidities.” It turns out she was talking only about COVID deaths from those who had been vaccinated.

But her main point – that the overwhelming number of deaths are the elderly or those with pre-existing health problems – still stands. The latest CDC weekly report on comorbidities show that among properly filled out death certificates in the COVID count, the MEDIAN number is…FOUR. This suggests that the overwhelming number of those who have died had at least one or two serious health risks.

What remains nearly indisputable is that children along with young and healthy adults face no extraordinary risk from COVID and should never have been forced to isolate or reorganize their lives around it.

Especially not now. The latest study from Kaiser Permanente of Southern California shows an 11-fold reduction in fatality risk for Omicron versus Delta:


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