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Quote Of The Day

From Historian and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom by George W. Bush, Paul Johnson who has died at the age of 94:

What is America? It is not a race but a cohesion of all the races of the world. It will soon be a nation of 300 million, 10 percent of whom were not even born there. Its creation from Europe, Africa and Asia is a continuing process, as countless immigrants arrive each year and are quietly absorbed and prosper. Moreover, these citizens, whose parents, grandparents or ancestors came from all over the world, are given the chance to participate in democracy at all levels, which exists nowhere else on earth. More than 600,000 offices in the US are elected. The entire public ethos of America is fashioned to finding out what the voters want and constructing policy on their wishes. America is successful precisely because it is a working multiracial democracy. To be anti-American, therefore, is to be anti-humanity. For no other country represents so clearly the current wishes and long-term aspirations of the human race.

To hate America is to hate humanity.

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