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Quote of the Day: Rand Paul Skewers AARP/United Health Unholy Marriage

AARP, once known as the American Association of Retired Persons, is still mistakenly perceived by many as a seniors group, despite its significant transformation in recent years. In fact, the organization no longer represents anything substantial, as its original purpose and commitment to advancing the interests of seniors have seemingly vanished.

Today, AARP primarily functions as a marketing and advocacy tool for United Health, the largest health insurance company in the United States. Rather than prioritizing the well-being of seniors, AARP appears to be more focused on promoting the interests of this corporate entity. Furthermore, it is disheartening to observe that AARP’s revenue is channeled into supporting Democratic candidates and causes, further blurring the lines between its supposed mission and partisan politics…

AARP strategically invests hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising and events that cleverly stop short of openly endorsing specific candidates. However, these activities consistently align with the Democratic Party’s policy priorities, subtly influencing voting preferences. This reveals a growing tendency for AARP to prioritize its association with UnitedHealth over the interests of senior citizens.

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