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Rand Snags 8 Democrats On Successful Vote To End Airplane Masking

On airline mask mandates, the proper policy is let each airline decide for itself whether it wants to require passengers to wear masks. Then flyers can choose for themselves whether they want to book flights on planes that either do or don’t require masks  The market works. That is how Senator Rand Paul sees it as well. He brought an amendment to the floor yesterday ending federal masks requirements on planes. It passed 57-40.

The 8 democrats who broke with Biden on the airplane/public transit mask mandate were:

      1. Kelly (AZ)*
      2. Sinema (AZ)
      3. Bennet (CO)*
      4. Tester (MT)
      5. Cortez Masto (NV)*
      6. Rosen (NV)
      7. Hassan (NH)*
      8. Manchin (WV)

* = running for reelection this year

And, you guessed it, the lone Republican vote for masks was Mitt Romney.

The bill heads to the House where Nancy Pelosi is expected to block a vote. (If the parties were reversed the media would hound her nonstop about this.)

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