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Ration Energy to Combat Global Warming?

We got some pushback from readers last week in response to our prediction that the climate change crazies will soon be requiring us to turn out the lights and will control thermostat settings in private homes. Some skeptics (and we’re glad they are out there to keep us honest), accused us of “fear-mongering.” Surely no one in the climate change movement is so diabolical that they would WANT blackouts.

But then another reader sent us these headlines from major newspapers in London and South Africa – both published in recent months. So you can judge for yourself whether blackouts and energy rationing are part of the master plan to save the planet:

The lead of the piece advises: “Second World War-style rationing of petrol, household energy and meat could help to fight climate change, British scientists have recommended.”

And then there was this headline from South Africa applauding blackouts:

Makes one wonder how much we could reduce greenhouse gases if we shutdown our power plants completely.

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