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Real Price Tag For The Biden Green Energy Law May Be Almost Double The Original Estimate – The Left Celebrates

If you aren’t already thoroughly depressed about the financial situation of the country – the national debt just blew by $31 trillion – a new analysis by the Atlantic Magazine finds:

“The widely cited figure for how much the  [Inflation Acceleration Act] will spend to fight climate change—$374 billion—is in large part determined by the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of how much the green energy tax credits will get used.  But that estimate is wrong, a Credit Suisse Bank analysis claims. So many people and businesses will use those tax credits that the IRA’s total spending is likely to be more than $800 billion, double what the CBO projects.”

Just to give you a sense of the derangement of the climate change crazies, the author of the article thinks this unanticipated $400 billion hidden cost of the bill is worth celebrating. The magazine explains to readers that this will cause the “Climate economy to explode.” By the way, the term “climate economy” is merely a euphemism for what we have long called the “climate change industrial complex.” It is about to get nearly $1 trillion of your and my money to produce a teeny-weeny fraction of our energy.

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