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Repeat After Us: Lockdowns Don’t Work

Our CTUP study grading the states on their Covid performance has spread throughout the country faster than the virus itself ever did. The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, New York Post, Daily Mail, and even media in Europe and Japan have picked up the findings.

As you may imagine the pushback has been high in volume, but feeble in persuasion. Our favorite came from the Soros group Media Matters (see the link below) which couldn’t come up with a coherent argument except that we are “right leaning.”  

It’s clear to us from the chorus of indignation that the left has every intention to lockdown schools, businesses, restaurants, parks, and churches at their first next opportunity.

We suspect, and this is NOT based on science, that they just like being miserable and they want everyone to be miserable. (How dare Ron DeSantis open the beaches!)

For those who STILL think that lockdowns keep us safe and healthy look at the virtual zero correlation between lockdown severity and death rates in the 50 states.


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