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Republicans Aren’t Caving on Non-Negotiable Work Requirements

Here’s a welcome development.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Tuesday said work requirements for public assistance programs are a nonnegotiable in debt ceiling talks, laying out one of his first hard stances ahead of an afternoon meeting with President Biden and other top congressional leaders.

Asked whether work requirements were a “red line” for him in debt ceiling negotiations, McCarthy said: “Yes, it is.”

“When you’re talking about work requirements, remember what we’re talking about: Able-bodied people with no dependents,” McCarthy told reporters. “It’s 20 hours.”

McCarthy should stand strong.

It’s good politics as well as good policy. It’s an 80-20 issue, so if Biden wants to shut down the government to stop workfare – he can be our guest. Work for welfare was on the ballot in the battleground state of Wisconsin last month, and here were the results:

As for the policy success of welfare reform:

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