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Republican School Choice Opponents in Texas Getting Desperate Before Next Week’s Primaries

At least eight incumbent Texas House Republicans who blocked Governor Abbott’s school choice bill to allow low-income kids to get out of failed public schools are facing stiff challenges in their primaries next week. (Trump has endorsed at least five of the challengers.)

It’s pretty standard practice that when incumbents who oppose school choice are under attack they run to the teacher unions and the education bureaucracy for backup support and funding. But what’s unusual is for REPUBLICANS to rush to the education blob for financial support.

For instance, Travis Clardy is begging school administrators to provide school staff to work for his campaign:

And Hugh Shine is mailing campaign literature to school administrators, requesting them to turn their staff out to vote in the GOP primary:

This is called consorting with the enemy. In Texas, it’s also illegal to use school funds for supporting candidates. Attorney General Ken Paxton has already sued one school district for electioneering.

All of this shows that the renegade Republicans are getting desperate and they’re feeling the heat from voters.

We’ll let you know what happens in these critical elections. We think school choice is a human right and should be available to every child.

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