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Roll Tide Roll

Whoops! We Goofed!

Your friendly editors at the HOTLINE collectively have our hands covering our faces in red-faced embarrassment.

We stated earlier this week that Virginia was the state that most improved its U-Haul ranking among the 50 states in top destinations for movers.

That IS true – but our oversight was that we neglected to say that the Dominion State was TIED with Alabama for most improvement. Both states jumped forward by 24 spots in one single year.

Thanks to our faithful reader Gary Palmer – who also happens to be the House Repub Policy Committee chairman (and you guess what state he is from?) for pointing out our error.

High-brows from New York and New Jersey used to celebrate their “cultural enlightenment” by thumbing their noses at the Deep South. These Yankees must be deeply embarrassed that they are now LOSING residents to the likes of Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.

UHAUL Growth States Rankings

2021 Rank: 46
2022 Rank: 20

2021 Rank: 31
2022 Rank: 5

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