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Ron DeSantis V. Gavin Newsom Round 2

Governor Ron DeSantis is clearly having fun visiting the home states of his leading Democratic critics and humorously taking them apart.

Last month, it was Illinois Governor J.D. Pritzker’s turn to be skewered. DeSantis pointed out that Pritzker “sent his family to Florida during the lockdowns….Our worst critics always somehow find a way to be in Florida.”

Over the weekend, DeSantis went to the Reagan Library in California and turned his guns on California Governor Gavin Newsom. Last year, Newsom ran an ad in Florida warning “Freedom is under attack in your state.”

To which DeSantis responded: “your governor [Newsom] spends so much time attacking me, I guess I am living rent-free in his head. I wonder if I have to pay California taxes on that rent?”

Many political prognosticators are predicting an eventual Newsom-DeSantis square-off in the 2024 presidential race. By the way here is what has happened to domestic migration in these two states over the last decade:

Who would make the better President: Newsom or DeSantis? You decide.

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