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Russia’s “Sputnik” Vaccine Crashes To Earth

Russia appears to have faked the results of clinical trials for its national COVID vaccine, called “Sputnik.”

Researchers in Singapore and Australia tested the work of the Russian scientists who developed the vaccine, which has been sold or given by Russia to over 70 mostly developing countries. It flunked. Dr. Kyle Sheldrick of the University of New South Wales told the Daily Mail: “There are signs, and lots of reasons to think, that someone might have manipulated this data after the study finished.” He says the vaccine may still work in many people, but he personally would not take it.

The Russians claimed their shot produced nearly identical results across five different age groups when they published their work last year.

But researchers ran the simulation model 50,000 times and found the chance of replicating the same efficacy across all five age groups again was just 0.02%. In other words – ZERO chance that the reported results are accurate.

Is anyone surprised at this apparent fraud? As former Russian chess champion, Garry Kasparov told us, “Lying Is What Dictators Do When They Breath.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department warns of a massive campaign of “’propaganda and lies” to discredit the U.S.–made Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

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