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San Francisco Parents Throw Out Loony Left School Board

Even in America’s most “progressive” city, parents are fed up with nonsensical leftwing school policies. On Tuesday more than 70 percent of San Francisco residents (non-citizens can vote in local races) recalled three members of their crazed school board on Tuesday.

The recall was spurred by two single parents who were infuriated by the board’s refusal to reopen schools during COVID.

Instead, the board pursued “social justice” priorities such as illegally ending a merit-based admissions policy at a flagship high school, changing the names of over a third of the city’s public schools due to concerns about “insensitivity,” and drenching the curriculum in esoteric critical-race-theory dribble.

These results are stunning given that Donald Trump won only 13 percent of the vote in SF. The San Francisco Chronicle summed up its view as “Competence Matters, Even To Progressives.”

The next stop on the road to taking the city back will be the recall of soft-on-crime District Attorney Chesa Boudin, a vote that will take place in June.

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