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San Francisco Reparations Committee Recommends Paying Every Black Resident $5 Million

This is so wild that we had to double- and triple-check that it came from an actual government commission, but it did.

It’s posted right on SF.Gov:

And on top of the $5 million is at least 250 years of guaranteed income:

The plan also includes “a comprehensive debt forgiveness program that clears all educational, personal, credit card, payday loans, etc” – which is a little surprising because you would think these debts could be handled by the $5 million and the guaranteed income.

San Francisco is already in a deep budget hole and the only explanation of how the plan would be paid for in the document is: “Introduce a ‘Reparations Tax’ to partially offset additional costs necessary to fund this infrastructure.” (Wait, what infrastructure???)

Hello out there in the land of fruits and nuts: did anyone ever teach you that California NEVER had slaves?

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