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Scandal In Connecticut: Government AGAIN Puts COVID Patients Back In Nursing Homes

It didn’t get much attention, but The Hill newspaper reported several weeks ago that in early January Connecticut governor Ned Lamont’s public health department asked the 200+ nursing homes in the state to admit covid-positive patients to relieve overcrowded hospitals during the Omicron rise. That was January of THIS year. Just a month ago.

Incredible. Almost two years after the fatal mistakes by governors like New York’s Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey’s Murphy of putting COVID patients in nursing homes – causing more than one thousands deaths – Ned Lamont has adopted the same policy. He says it was a “request” to the nursing homes not a requirement.

Data released last week from the Connecticut of Public Health found that after the policy was implemented, infections in the nursing homes doubled from 829 to 1,616 and the number of deaths rose from 13 to 53. How many of these deaths are directly attributable to this horrific policy decision by Lamont’s administration is impossible to know for sure.

Polls have shown that CT voters give Lamont, who is running for reelection this year, passing grades for his handling of COVID, even though from the start of the virus, the state has had above average death rates. We wonder whether this new revelation will change voters’ minds.

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