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Schumer Vows To Kill Filibuster To Change Voting Laws – Next Week

This is NOT a fire drill: Senate Majority Leader Schumer vows that next week he will move to change Senate rules to force through passage of a partisan election bill without the 60-vote threshold required by the filibuster.

Schumer’s bill has one and only one intention: to elect more Democrats by facilitating voter fraud. The bill weakens and even outlaws election integrity provisions passed by the states to ensure one eligible voter, one vote. It federalizes election law, and would allow the Justice Department to control all changes in state voting laws – a power the U.S. Supreme Court abolished in 2013 as a vestige of the bygone Jim Crow era.

Thankfully, not one Republican Senator has signed onto the Schumer travesty. Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema rightfully say that any national changes in voting law should be bipartisan and they are resisting Schumer’s attack on the filibuster. They need our support, or voter fraud and illegal voting will run rampant. Which is apparently what Schumer wants.

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