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Scientist Blows Whistle on Climate Change Industrial Complex

Dr. Judith A. Curry., Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons

Judith Curry, a former National Research Council member of the Climate Research Committee and a former scientist at Georgia Tech, used to be toasted by climate change activists. In 2005  she wrote an influential paper in Science magazine warning that hurricanes were likely to become more intense as a result of climate change. “I was treated like a rock star,” she recalls.

No longer. She now dares to question the narrative of the green energy cult. “We’re not going to convince China and India and other developing countries not to burn fossil fuels,” she told NPR a few years ago. She has challenged some of the more radical green energy ideas as an expert witness in court.

She told former ABC News and Fox News reporter John Stossel this month there is a “climate change industry” set up to reward alarmism. Watch the interview here:

“The origins go back to the… U.N. environmental program,” Curry says. Some U.N. officials were motivated by anti-capitalism. They hated the oil companies and seized on the climate change issue to move their policies along.”

She ridiculed the conclusion of editors at the journal Science that “The time for debate [over climate change] has ended.” The perversion of science has gotten so bad that if anyone in climate science wants to “advance their career, be at a prestigious university and get a big salary, have big laboratory space, get lots of grant funding, be director of an institute, there was clearly one path to go.”

Drink the Kool-Aid.

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