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Senate Voted To Repeal Biden’s Health Worker Vaccine Mandate

That’s the good news. This was always the worst of the vaccine mandates, telling health care workers of all people that they can’t be trusted to make their own medical decisions. It became even more outrageous during Omicron, when vaccinated people were as likely as unvaccinated to catch and transmit the virus, eliminating any infection control rationale. And unlike the OSHA mandate that was struck down by the Supreme Court, the health care worker mandate they let stand has no test-out option.

The bill by Kansas Senator Roger Marshall – who is quickly turning into one of our favorite senators – to ban the mandate passed 49 to 44, with every Democrat present voting no on banning the mandate.

There are several more Senate COVID votes of note coming, starting with a vote expected this afternoon on another measure from Senator Marshall that would terminate the national emergency. Rand Paul is expected to force a vote on the airline/public transportation mask mandate. If yesterday’s vote is any indications, Democrats may vote in lockstep opposition. We hope voters are paying attention.

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