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Shocker: During Pandemic Lockdowns Rich Got Richer, Poor Took It On The Chin

We’ve argued from the beginning that among the many horrors of Government lockdowns, they would vastly widen the gulf between rich and poor. Lockdowns squashed small start-up businesses, low-income workers whose jobs were destroyed, and devastated educational advances of kids in the worst school districts.

The winners were obvious: Walmart, Google, Amazon, Walgreens, McDonalds, etc. they were designated as “essential” by the politicians.

So now we just shake our heads in disbelief that anyone is surprised at these two headlines from this weekend – one in the New York Times and the other on Market Watch.

We aren’t bashers of big tech or big pharma or, least of all, a rising stock market. If firms make great products or services that people want, hooray for capitalism. But there is something so rich in hypocrisy that the left invented, applauded and then defended shutting down schools, small businesses and now is aghast at the oh-so-predictable uneven results. Big Government creates economic unfairness – it never solves it.

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