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Shocking Story Of Potential Fraud In Alzheimer’s Research

The Journal Science exposed what appears to be another massive scientific/academic/government fraud — the key hypothesis behind most Alzheimer’s research for the past 16 years was founded on doctored images.

The Science investigation reports that “a leading independent image analyst and several top Alzheimer’s researchers have “discovered ‘shockingly blatant’ examples of image tampering, says Donna Wilcock, an Alzheimer’s expert at the University of Kentucky.”

The authors “appeared to have composed figures by piecing together parts of photos from different experiments,” says Elisabeth Bik, a molecular biologist and well-known forensic image consultant. “The obtained experimental results might not have been the desired results, and that data might have been changed to … better fit a hypothesis.”

If these allegations of fraud are borne out, it could mean that scientists have been chasing a massive multi-billion-dollar medical dead-end. It also means countless seniors suffered from mistargeted treatments and the lack of what could have been – better treatments if other hypotheses had been pursued.

There were warning signs. Two years ago Sharon Begley wrote this in STAT:

Zaven Khachaturian spent years at NIH overseeing its early Alzheimer’s funding. Amyloid partisans, he said, “came to permeate drug companies, journals, and NIH study sections,” the groups of mostly outside academics who decide what research NIH should fund. “Things shifted from a scientific inquiry into an almost religious belief system, where people stopped being skeptical or even questioning.”

The perversion of science to advance a political agenda – i.e. global warming and COVID – or to chase down hundreds of millions of dollars of research dollars is rampant.  No wonder more and more Americans don’t trust “the science.”

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