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Shutting Down Clear So You Can Wait in Longer Lines at the Airport

Are any of you customers of CLEAR? The service allows frequent flyers to pay an annual fee to prescreen using biometric data at airport TSA security in order to reduce their wait time and make their flights on time.

The Democrats in California want to make that service illegal. The California State Senate Transportation Committee is debating a bill banning the security screening firm Clear from California airports.

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Josh Newman, says CLEAR is unfair:

“It’s a basic equity issue when you see people subscribed to a concierge service being escorted in front of people who have waited a long time to get to the front of the TSA line,” Newman told CBS News.

CLEAR is in use at nine California airports, along with many sports stadiums and other venues.

It’s no surprise that the bill is supported by some TSA union locals (who have more jobs when the lines are longer) and the radical Association of Flight Attendants union, whose members have their own security bypass.

This proposal would actually make wait lines longer for everyone – even those without CLEAR.

But this is how the left views the world through their “equity“ lens: everyone has to suffer equally. It’s the same mindset that concludes it’s not fair that some kids get to attend good schools, so let’s force every kid to attend an equally bad school.

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