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Snow White Has “Woke” Up

Walt Disney built one of the greatest entertainment empires in history with its trademark wholesome and family movies and cartoons.

He would be in agony today to see the Company floundering in wokeness of its own making.

Its last four high-profile movies lost over $1 billion between them. Marvel Studios, which is owned by Disney, has seen its box office receipts tank since it moved away from beloved, well-established heroes like Captain America to showcase side characters such as Ms. Marvel, a Muslim teen superhero, and She-Hulk Attorney at Law.

Disney’s remake of Snow White will be released next year, and its star says the original love story was “weird’ and accused Prince Charming of having “literally stalked” Snow White. The new story will focus on “women being in roles of power.” And no dwarves.

We’ll take the original version of Snow White any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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