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So Far It’s Michael Johnson One, House Democrats ZERO

The new House speaker scored a giant win yesterday, and we know it’s impressive because Joe Biden and Chucky Schumer are having an anxiety attack.

Not only did Speaker Johnson’s strategy to divide Israel from Ukraine funding pass on the House floor, but he even corralled 12 Democrat votes. Even better, these Democrats agreed to the GOP’s sensible demand of paying for the bill by cutting $14 billion from Biden’s supersized IRS budget with more than 87,000 new hires.

Johnson’s employing a shrewd divide-and-conquer approach to votes in the House. Splinter off the radical progressive Democrats from the handful of still semi-reasonable ones. Well done, Mr. Speaker. Keep going with this.

Meanwhile, Senator Schumer is having a hissy fit and claims he will never allow a Senate vote. That’s a very good strategy for Democrats losing the Senate next November.

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