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So Much for All Those Green Energy Jobs

Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm promised that fossil fuel workers displaced by the green new deal would be taken care of. “We should be able to put people to work doing things that are similar to the skills that they had before,”

How’s that working out two years later?

A new study by the University of California at Berkeley has found the shutdown of a Marathon oil refinery near San Pablo has left more than 20% of workers unemployed. Those who found new jobs have seen their median hourly wage fall by a quarter, with some workers earning as little as $14 an hour. Many of the new jobs involve more dangerous working conditions than the Marathon jobs.

The Atlantic magazine – which is all on climate change alarmism – warns that the war on fossil fuels could result in “the devastation of communities that rely on fossil-fuel extraction and a powerful political backlash against green-energy policies.”

And the Democrats wonder why they are losing blue-collar voters!

We think both things are already happening. We are in a race against time to stop the Green New Deal.

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