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…So Why Isn’t The Media Reporting These Numbers

Meanwhile, it’s fascinating to us that the national media, which has labeled this midterm election a “vindication” for Biden and his policies, has largely ignored these tallies on the popular vote count.

That’s a bit odd because these are the same media bloodhounds, at places like CNN, who obsessed for four years about Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote against Trump (they even dismissed him as an “illegitimate president”).

For the record, Hillary won the popular vote by roughly 3 million versus a 5 million vote margin this year for Repubs.

We also couldn’t help but remember this headline from a left-wing political rag after the 2016 election won by Trump:

We think that is good advice six years later for the Republicans in Congress. Don’t be cowardly lions. You have the majority and the support of 52 million voters. Make Congress great again.

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