Socialized Health Care Is Dangerous to Your Health

In one of the most vivid examples of the dangers of government-run health care, nearly 5,000 breast and prostate cancer patients in Canada’s British Columbia will be sent to Washington State to get timely and life-saving treatments.

The story explains that critically ill cancer patients often have to wait a month or more to get life-saving radiation and other treatments.

Another validation of our rule about government-run health care, it saves money and it works great – until you get sick.

One Canadian resident complained:

“My wife just had cataract surgery, both eyes, in Kalispell, Montana. Wait time was less than 2 months. Wait time just to see the local Ophthalmologist here in East Kootenay [Canada] was 16-18 months, then another 6-8 months for the surgery. She would be BLIND had we waited for healthcare under our system. However, we had to pay more than $10K out of pocket to have the procedure done in a timely manner. Our healthcare system in BC is broken.”

Will someone please tell Bernie Sanders?

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