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Some Good News – First New Nuclear Power Plant in 40 Years Opens

If we really had to give up on fossil fuels — which thankfully we don’t — then the obvious energy solution would be nuclear power. A Gallup survey in April found that 55 percent of adults support the use of nuclear power. That’s up from last year.

So it’s very good news that the first new nuclear reactor built in the United States since hysteria over the Three Mile Island nuclear incident froze construction is coming online this month in Waynesboro, Georgia. Plant Vogtle Unit Three is a small modular construction reactor that is the first of several plants that the Tennessee Valley Authority plans to build. Other players planning new plants include Duke Energy, Dominion Energy, Rocky Mountain Power, and PacifiCor. Meanwhile, blue California is shutting down its nuclear plants.

Environmental groups still oppose nuclear power plants, dismissing them as “coal plants without coal.” But their solution is to spend hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars on renewables that can barely provide baseload power when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. The greens would embrace nuclear If they were even half as worried about greenhouse gas emissions as they claim to be.

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