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Speaking of One-Sided Debates: Congrats to DeSantis for Sending Larry Fink to the Canvas

You’ve probably seen this video of BlackRock CEO Larry Fink at a New York Times conference telling his fellow Corp executives that it was time for firms “to force behaviors, whether it’s gender or race.” He wants every Fortune 500 CEO in America to prioritize ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) inside companies. He also said compensation for managers at his firm was based in part on how well they imposed ESG.

BlackRock is the very face of ESG fanaticism and it manages a whopping $9.5 trillion in assets.

So we cheered when we saw FL Gov Ron DeSantis slap down of Fink. He noted that BlackRock’s investment guidelines would kneecap domestic energy production and raise consumer prices.

He also said: “Who do these people think they are that they govern our society? Nobody voted for him [Fink]. And so our mantra in Florida is no economic or social transformation without representation. These are policies that could not win at the ballot box, and so they’re trying to do through corporate America what they can’t do in the electoral process.”

We’d be happy to sponsor a debate between DeSantis and any major CEO who wants to defend ESG. Then the silent majority of Americans would at least know why their future retirement returns are in jeopardy.

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