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Speaking of the Blue State Exodus…

Liberals have no plausible response to the blue state meltdown, as shown above. They can’t explain why their policies are causing people to say adios amigos.

We laughed when we saw the latest lame attempt by the leftist Center for Budget and Policy Priorities in a report entitled  (State Taxes Have a Minimal Impact on People’s Interstate Moves). It attempts to refute the Laffer, Moore, and Jonathan Williams ALEC annual report called “Rich States, Poor States”.

CBPP claims that the outmigration from high-tax blue states to low-tax red states is misleading because many people move from red states for blue states. True. People do move to Manhattan, San Francisco, and Chicago.

But when WE count, it’s NET migration. How many people moved IN minus how many people moved OUT? Almost all blue states are net negative and most low-tax red states are positive.

CTUP demographer Wendell Cox ran the numbers on the ratio of in-migrants versus out-migrants for the biggest states.  Here are the results. As an example, for every 10 people moved into California And New York, roughly 20 people moved out.

No matter how you slice or dice the data, blue states are losing big time.

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